4 Things to 松手 of This Holiday Season


Most everyone likes to receive 礼品 s during the 假日s. It’一种让我们知道某人正在思考我们以及他们在乎多少的一种方法。

您 can do the same for 您rself as well, but the best 礼品 s may not be something 您 receive, but rather something 您 give away.

Here are FOUR things that 您 might want to let go of this 假日 season. If 您 do, it’ll add to 您r joy and happiness. 🙂

1. 您r need to be right 

People are guaranteed to annoy, upset, or bother 您. It’s likely because of something they do or 说that 您 think at some level is “wrong”. Let go of that need and watch 您r happiness expand.

Love them before anything else. And then love them again and again. And then they’ll 说something else that annoys 您, and then love them even more..

2. 您r need to 固定 those 您 love 

It comes from a beautiful, loving, empathetic place, but it doesn’t help anyone. This does not mean 您 can’t care, educate, inspire, or otherwise look to move the people 您 love from where they are to where 您 can imagine them being.

但这就是区别。首先想象他们的伟大,不要’t look at everything that’s wrong and try to 固定 them. (I mean, has that strategy EVER worked…)

Imagine those 您 love as 您 know they can be. Imagine their greatness, their healing, their peace. Watch them transform and perhaps most importantly, watch 您r relationship with them transform..

3. 您r need to be perfect 

Just as we try to 固定 others, we believe that as we strive for “perfection” we will “fix” ourselves. First off, 您’re never going to be perfect. 那’s guaranteed.

Second, there’s nothing to 固定. 您 are exactly where 您 are supposed to be and 您r striving for more, for a better version of 您rself, is how it will always be. The striving is good. The beating 您rself up is not.

您 are going to do or not do, 说or not 说something, and 您’re going to hear 您r brain beating 您 up a bit…

At that moment, that’s when 您 have to love 您rself just like 您 love those people that annoy 您.

我知道,这是一个正在运行的主题–整个洛塔爱的事情– but it works!

Try it and tell me otherwise. So love 您rself and remind 您rself, “Hey, 您’re doing the best 您 can, a little slack and a little love please!”.


OLD is the operative word here. Chances are 您’ve been carrying this and other negative emotions around for a long time. Chances are also that 您’ve buried them deep because guess what, they’re not fun to feel. I get that.


We often run too fast to feel anything. And we think we’re too busy to do anything about these old emotions. But guess what, they’re the ones actually running the show and draining 您 of 您r life force.

Truly, every negative emotion or event that is still active, that still has a “charge” is sapping 您r mental, physical, and spiritual energy. Pay attention to where these emotions might be lurking, coax them out, and then let them go.


Before 您 go…


他们可以是充满爱与联系,和平与希望,欢乐与欢笑的时期,也可以是忙碌而奔忙的时刻,可以放大我们与家人所经历的所有旧时的痛苦和伤痛,使我们所处的所有地方都变得无处可去。 feel愈了,感觉很受伤。


And do 您 know the most magical moment that 您 can create during this 假日 season?

Do 您 know the moment in time that I want 您 to look out for?

The place where, if 您 pay close enough attention to 您rself and to what is happening around 您, everything can change.


It’s when 您 find 您rself feeling “right” and angry, annoyed, or indignant. And when 您 notice 您’re trying to “fix” things and 您 can’t stop seeing everything 您 wish would change…

It’s when 您’re beating up 您rself for not being perfect, and then beating up 您rself more because I told 您 not to…

It’s when 您’re starting to feel old fear, guilt, shame, anger, sadness, or pain…

那 moment in time when 您 notice what is happening… and 您 PAUSE.

And 您 tap. Or 您 breathe. Or 您 just silently 说to 您rself,






Happy Holidays everyone, wishing 您 LOVE.

Which of the four things do 您 most want to let go of? Comment below!

尼克是The Tapping Solution的首席执行官和创始人



您r Comment


  1. 汤姆 说:


  2. ol 说:

    Thank 您 so much for the wonderful inspiration.I want to let go all of them starting from today.

    I wish 您 a Happy Merry Christmas with 您r family.

  3. Sanae Risma Fujita 说:

    The truth will set 您 free.
    When I lost my lovely dog, Susie in the beginning of this year, thank 您 so much for 您r comment, indeed.
    I met a new wonderful puppy and gave myself as a Christmas 礼品 . Named her “Shareline”.
    节日快乐。“Omedetoh” in Japanese.

  4. 玛丽 说:


  5. 邦妮 说:

    Thank 您 Nick. So well said💙💚 I am letting go of being so hard on myself and noticing more love. Thank 您 for this great reminder. I really appreciate 您r words and 您 wonderful tapping app. Merry Christmas ❤️ 💚

  6. 路易 说:

    This is so lovely, Nick! A true Christmas 礼品 . One of 您r best pieces of writing and 您 are a great writer. Many blessings to 您 and 您r family!

  7. 卡琳 说:

    Just what i needed to hear/read. Thank 您 so much and merry Christmas

  8. 克斯汀 说:

    Thank 您 so much for 您r meditations and 您r words.

    Merry Chrismas to 您 All 🌟🎄🌟

  9. 安妮特·布兰德(Annette Bland) 说:

    Thank 您 Nick, I needed that.

  10. 索尼亚 说:

    我频道“Physical Group”(许多中的一种)当我们放弃不再是至高无上的东西将它从我们的存在中(全部5个身体)完全移除时,它们会帮助我们人类。我们所有人都出生于肚脐周围,因此在适当的时候它们可以钩住抽气软管&提取所有我们选择的&准予释放。没有任何东西可以隐藏在其提取机的裂缝或缝隙中。挖掘使我们具有将意识所隐瞒的全部能力带到我们的意识水平的人知道多少个生命。感谢Nick提供的窃听工具,它是发布的桥梁
    身体上(完成)&灵魂等级(关闭)灵魂等级一直存在&空间,书已关闭!!祝福,Sonia Swartley

  11. 亚斯敏 说:

    Thanx Nick, got the message Beautifully put. Accepting circumstances and situations as they are, even 您rself. 节日快乐! !

  12. 比阿特丽斯 说:

    Thank 您 so much. It’s eye opening.

  13. 黛安 说:


  14. 海王星 说:

    应用程式reciate 您r mails and wisdom. Touched by love 您
    give. I do see that love in 您r eyes.
    May god’ blessings be upon 您 and 您rs.

  15. 南希·萨格(Nancy Sager) 说:


  16. 罗莎巴·萨帕塔(Rosalba Zapata) 说:

    Merry Christmas to 您 and 您r family what a great soul 您 are!!! I am thankful to have 您 in my life.🙏The universe bless 您.💫

  17. 德博拉 说:

    a true christmas 礼品 to sit and reflect with ,, beautifully expressed thank 您

  18. 玛丽安·里昂(Marianne Lyon) 说:


  19. 乔·麦考利 说:

    治愈是因为Love❤️。是…🎶 💝 🎶…

  20. 林恩·埃伯里(Lynn Ebury) 说:

    嗨,尼克。圣诞快乐。那里’s NOTHING like watching 您r child’他们在圣诞节打开礼物时的表情!!!一世’m glad 您’ve had a good one.

  21. 科琳·帕尔默 说:

    I Always love 您r 文章s. In this one, which is GREAT, I sure wish 您 would have included TAPPING FOR THIS……这一切都适用,今天早上点第一件事真是太好了。

  22. 爱丽丝·戴维森 说:

    All we have is now. This moment. There is no past, no future. Only now. Therefore anything that happened in the past does not exist now. Be present in the now and see how 您r thinking changes. This has changed my life and freed me. All that is left is love for others and myself.

  23. 凯瑟琳·基南 说:

    Thank 您

    • 尼克·奥特纳 说:

      凯瑟琳,你明白了!请记住,家人和朋友只能从自己的感知水平做出回应。它’s ok if they don’不能理解您的生活选择,因为他们不知道您所知道的,也没有看到您所看到的’已经看到。知道他们的批评之后,他们的批评就会变得容易一些’只是缺乏理解和古老的信仰模式。

  24. 玛丽·佩罗斯(Mary Peros) 说:


  25. 让·鲁斯特 说:


  26. 倒钩 说:

    我需要完美。的“shoulds”. I should be cleaning house, not spending time with friends. I should be sorting my clothes for donations, not reading 您r message. Then beating myself up for not getting everything I should have done, done.

  27. 克里斯蒂娜·米勒(Christina Miller) 说:

    Merry Christmas and 节日快乐!

  28. 布里吉特 说:


    Thank 您 very much!

  29. 南希 说:

    Thank 您!

  30. 名称(必填) 说:


  31. 说:

    Just the thing I needed to read this morning, experiencing all of these but as 您
    说“努力改变他们” for the better, the 固定ing people is the hardest for me
    特别是我最近和最亲爱的人,但看看为什么现在我需要“Let Go” thanks for
    all the great work 您 have done, I do the Tapping every day! Wishes for a truly blessed
    Christmas and New Year! Keep up 您r great work!

  32. 唐娜 说:

    你真聪明又漂亮“old soul”充满同情心,深切的爱心和真诚的心。我很高兴发现您和您的工作,最近有机会在马萨诸塞州的整体博览会上与我的女儿亲自见面。多年来,我越来越多地将EFT纳入我的咨询实践中,并见证了EFT的治愈能力。.您和Jessica开发的脚本都是天赋。感谢您提供如此多的在线服务。

    May 您r 假日s be blessed in equal measure in all that 您 do and bring to us, the inhabitants of this wondrous planet,

  33. 吉尔 说:

    Thank 您 so much! and Happy Holidays from Hawaii.

  34. 名称(必填) 说:


    基督是这个季节的原因。我试图把&让我专注于他,他的爱& power to heal all. The greatest 礼品 I’ve had in this life is the 礼品 of Faith. Without Him, I am & have nothing!

  35. 朱迪思 说:

    今天非常有帮助,尤其是在假期压力增加的时候。“You are exactly where 您 are supposed to be ”让我想起圣特蕾莎’s prayer, the saint of the little ways. She is represented by roses. Thank 您 for helping me fear less!

    Thank 您 both!

  36. 贝蒂·欧文 说:

    I’尼克很久以来一直是您的电子邮件的订阅者,我不得不说,这是我的最爱!所有这些要放手的东西都是完美的。我认为如果能掌握这些,’没有什么可挣扎的了!保持良好的工作–you’re an inspiration!

  37. 海伦·爱德华兹 说:


  38. 帕特里夏 说:

    Thank 您 and have a Merry Christmas! with love!

  39. 说:

    哦,天哪,我喜欢这篇文章,尼克! (你能说出我的意思吗?大声笑)我确实相信’是你最好的之一—写得好,直接!每个人都需要这个建议,在那里’没有理由为什么可以’每天都要练习,而不仅仅是在假期。谢谢!我将分享这个。

  40. 贝丝·赫斯特 说:


  41. 玛利亚 说:

    Thank 您 Nick. This is wonderful advice. I have been practicing most of these this past year and it has transformed my life! It is a daily practice and some days its easier than others, of course. Reminders are always a great chance to 暂停 and shift, if need be. 节日快乐!

  42. 萨迪 说:

    谢谢 for the 4 松手..I will practicing them in my life with love.
    谢谢 for all that 您 do.
    Happy Holidays to 您 and 您r family.

  43. 海伦 说:

    Perfect timing, and good advice. Thank 您. I’ll pay attention to letting go of all four. Wishing 您 a woderful Holiday Season and Happy New Year filled with Peace, Love, Good 健康 and Prosperity!

  44. 谢利·戴维斯(Shaley Davis) 说:

    Thank 您 so much for what 您’re doing. I can’谈不上我有多少爱敲击以及它多少改变了我的生活。作为一个正在寻找的人“fix” family members I so desperately needed to hear this. Thank 您❤

  45. 大亨 说:

    Thank 您 Nick! for reminding me to let go the old habits before coming of the New Year.

  46. 帕姆 说:

    好主意重新集中精力。旧习难改…Happy Holidays!

  47. 玩笑 说:

    Thank 您 Nick, good reminder. Happy Holidays from 玩笑 from The Netherlands. I love EFT.

  48. 科琳·史密斯 说:

    Thank 您!

  49. Raina 说:

    Thank 您! I find myself starting to discern and catch myself in 那 Space before I succumb to the old habits. It’是一份礼物,很值得包装以寻找我的实际礼物。

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